Trax vol.3 Uprising

Over the past few years the Trax film has provided a great in view into the snow bike world including the history, the platforms and its pioneers.

It’s now time to give our viewers a non stop action film featuring all the rising stars of the snow bike game from around the world.

The Trax film travels across the globe covering new talent and non stop adventures on snow bikes including, Brock Hoyers road to X Games in Colorado,

Steel cutters back flip on a Timbersled in Quebec to Russia where we get to see how the new Snowrider platform is.

Trax “Uprising” introduces many new faces to the series as well like Morgan Kaliszuk and his freestyle moves, Cody Matechuk which is on fire this year and also a little adventure riding with Brock Butters and Ronnie Renner.

Starring, Reagan Sieg, Brock Hoyer, Ronnie Renner, Morgan Kaliszuk, Cody Matechuk, Brock Butters, Timofey Kuleshov, Josh Stack, Michelle, Sergey Terentyev, Leonid Zhelonin, Steel Cutter, Remi Voyer and more.










The Snow bike Revolution

Snow technology is advancing quickly, and this year’s you an in-depth look at the latest in snow bike engineering platforms and the emerging “kits” in for the 2016 season.

We take a look and see what’s new from Timbersled and the back progression of Ronnie Renner, Reagan Sieg and Brock Hoyer.

The Snow Bike Revolution gives you a chance to more about the new “kits” like the Snow Tech MX “Adrenaline”, Moto TraxXC” and the Crazy Mountain Xtreme’s CMX-BK” as we feature a look into how they were created and also how they in the mountain elements.

Catch up with the Yeti Snow MX team and talk about there advancements and the addition of there new team rider Bret Turcotte which a “World First’s” stunt on there setup this season.

The film not only offers a great look at the engineering that went into the kits that are on the today but also some action packed segments to show what these “kits” and athletes can do on them.

The film includes interviews and performances by Reagan Sieg, Ronnie Renner, Brock Hoyer, Bret Turcotte, Alan Mangum, Bret Blaser, Mark Hoffman, Kamron Hoffman, Jamie Hodgson, Kevin Forsyth, Zak Garret, Randy Gentry, Jaron Ball, Scott Macaben and more.





“The Evolution of Snow Bikes”

Trax DVD cut



Cover June

As the engineering and advancements of the snow bike industry keep improving every year the time has come to provide the public with a closer look at where these concepts have evolved from and where they are at today.

The Trax film will look at some of the first platform designs and progressively feature many of the concepts and models from throughout history along with showcasing the present advances and the professional athletes that are pushing the boundaries of the sport.

Join us as we follow Reagan Sieg , Brock Hoyer, Travis Pastrana and many more as they lay down tracks in new territory and push the snow bike platform as far as it can go.

Watch as we create the “Ultimate Snow Bike” featuring the best and accessories to outfit the modern day snow bike platform and venture into the steep and deep mountains of North America for a unforgettable ride of a lifetime.

The Trax film will inspire most any adventure enthusiast and many more while providing you with an in depth look at the history of the “Snow Bike” sport and beyond.

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