One story I heard goes that the snorunner started as a military vehicle.The army wanted a snow vehicle that was light weight and had a range of 30 miles to transport a soldier. So they paid Chrysler in 1977 to make one including all the dies and development of it. So Chrysler came up with the snorunner, The story goes that the military version could go 35mph, a friend of mine had one with dual carbs.The military checked it out but they didn’t want it because it couldn’t go in powder snow, so in 1979 Chrysler offered it to public. They first detuned it to make it go slower by adding a extra thick head gasket. You could buy a new one in 1979 for $900. In 1980 things were near bankruptcy at Chrysler so in 1982 Chrysler quit selling them. They had about 4000 left so they sold them all to COMB liquidation and they changed the name to snorabbit by putting a snorabbit sticker right over the snorunner sticker they sold them for $288.00 each in the back of magazines. The remaining parts were also sold. The people I talk to think there was between 28,000 made, we will probably never know.



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