Rask Triumph

Unique motorcycle Rasc Triumph with propeller (?) 3×2 was built in 1926 on Triumph 500 SV model P Mk2 units. It was rebuilt from 2×1 to 3×2 by Service Corps Royal Army (RASC) order.

It was built in only one exemplar. Apparently off-road abilities of this machine were excellent. Idea wasn’t developed because mobility of their regular motorcycle got better.

Nowadays you can find RASC Triumph in Museum of Army Transport, Beverley, and museum staff regret that it probably will never be fully restored and showed cause they can’t find authentic 11″ tires of rare wheels.

Third and last, 350-cc Triumph was tested in England in 1929. After that they’ve decided that heavy machine doesn’t worth their attention and forgot about this prototype. As about all the other ones.


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