Big Soviet Encyclopedia says “Italian semi – tracked motorcycle maneuvering near Rome” under this photo.


First time this photo was published in Popular Science magazine (Feb.1931, p.70) together with an article ” Tractor cycle for rough ground”. The photo was signed as ” Italian police tests motorcycle  in conjunction with the “battle tank”, as an individual vehicles over rough terrain. They find it superior to horses in speed.”

An observer at the last fascist militia maneuvers near Rome (Italy) saw a rider on a motorcycle of a new design, who left the road, hurriedly rode on arable land and went up the hill dotted with boulders. The charges stemmed from the latest testing equipment for motorcyclists connection. Instead of the rear wheel, a strange motorcycle driven by an endless tread like a tractor. Clamps tread give a solid rod regardless of the nature of the coating. Crawlers swinging so it can be tilted forward or back, adapting to the uneven surface. Power is transferred to a chain drive. Strong, triangular frame support caterpillar mover, far enough away from the seat back to the caterpillar does not interfere with the driver. Although designed primarily for military use, “Tractor cycle” may be a useful tool for tourists, surveyors and others whose work or recreation sends them into the wild and rugged terrain. In the cover design for this article our artist painted a man climbing the rocky slope. Luggage in the back of the designated on the elementary wing that allows the delivery or mailing to deliver, depending on the use of the vehicle. ” Tractorcycle’s successor of ideas is the Alpen Scooter (1980).

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